The “I Have A Quilt” team is prepared to judge at quilt shows.  We will discuss with you the purpose and theme of your show and how you would like the awards to be given.  Judging generally takes place the day before the show is hung.  Two of us, working with show helpers and scribes, will view the quilts in your given categories and then choose the prescribed awards. Because we work as a team, the time could be shorter than what you may have experienced in the past.

A Judged Show:

  • Is meant to be educational both for the quilters and the viewers.
  • Experienced, unbiased eyes can determine the comparative attributes of each quilt and choose the winners for a particular show. 
  • Comments by us on each entrant’s form are formulated with a positive approach. This is meant to encourage the quilter to continue to improve his/her chosen art form and to share it with the public.


  • The fee for judging is based on the size of the show.
  • Mileage fees are added to the above-negotiated fee.
  • Housing fees and meal costs are added, if necessary, because of distance and/or timing.


  • Please contact us at deedadik@att.net well in advance of your need.
  • Send a copy of any show information, forms, and/or contracts that you have prepared.
  • We will compare your forms to our standard forms and contact you to discuss any changes we feel might enhance the process and to finalize plans for your show.